FAQ - REI Ringless Voicemail Drops


Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Direct Delivery" or "Ringless Voicemail"

Direct Delivery” or “Ringless Voicemail” is the term used to describe direct voicemail drops, or sending voicemails without calling and without the phone ringing. Traditionally, voicemails can only be left through a phone call after the phone rings and is not answered. However, a ringless voicemail system lets you go straight to voicemail without the phone ringing.

Can you deliver to landlines?

Ringless Voicemail systems work best with mobile cellular devices since they have cloud-based systems that can more easily be accessed. Landlines are often on private networks that can’t be accessed without a password. Nowadays, most landlines are forwarded to or link to cell phones, which makes mobile all-around the most effective way to reach target customers. Case studies show that mobile produces higher response rates and conversion rates than other strategies. To optimize the effectiveness of your campaign, we utilize highly-targeted mobile data to match your specific criteria.

What is IVR?

IVR Stands for Interactive Voice Response. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone answering and routing system. With IVR, phone calls are automatically answered. The system then uses prompts to provide answers to frequently asked questions or to route the call to the desired party. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is popular with businesses because it can handle large call volumes, save time and money by minimizing human operators, and because it offers 24/7 automated phone answering service.

Do you white label your services?

Absolutely! We are happy to white label our services for your company so you can resell our REI Ringless system & tools. This white-labeled reseller system has robust reporting tools, multi-user accounts, privilege controls, and more.