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Reseller Program

About REI Ringless Reseller Program

REI Ringless offers a simple program for agencies looking to provide Ringless Voicemail services to their clients under their own brand, at a price you choose! We will provide you with all the tools and support your agency needs to continue to offer our highly effective Ringless Voicemail Service!

Zapier Integration

Quick View of Our Dashboard

Our Reseller dashboard is easy to navigate and proivdes detailed reporting and tools to easily and effecitvely manage your reseller and sub accounts.


Features :

  • View and Track important Metrics
  • Generate reports
  • Customize user accounts
  • transfer credits
  • And so much more…
Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

REI Ringless provides your client’s with a Zapier Integration and access to our Robust API to support triggers, actions, and search functionality for better content deliverability, tracking, and automation which allows clients to:


  • Set triggers based on their lists
  • Start and/or stop single and bulk campaigns
  • Update status
  • Unsubscribe contacts
SMTP Email Integration

SMTP Email Integration

REI Ringless allows you to authenticate and send client facing emails utilizing your company’s email address via our easy to setup SMTP integration, to ensure all cleint emails are sent from your email address, not ours!

Detailed Reporting

  • Customer Breakdowns
  • Revenue
  • Detailed Transaction Reports
  • Sub Account Performance Data
  • Campaign Performance


  • Login as your customer When a client has an issue that you can easily solve your self, simply login to your portal and sign in as the user to assist them with troubleshooting the issue
  • Track Revenue
  • Create Custom API We can generate a custom API key for you
  • Real-Time Reporting We offer real-time reporting for your customers and for your reseller account to monitor sub-accounts
  • Real-Time Listening Listed to calls as they are happening in Real Time!
  • Reputation Monitoring Too many spam complaints can hurt your sender reputation. Do a quick rep check or dynamically swap numbers to ensure your sender reputation stays intact!
  • Communicate with your Customers Our platform allows for direct communication between your primary and sub-accounts for quick troubleshooting and customer support

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